How can I find the optimal moment of communication with my target group?

Brand challenge

A manufacturer of rhinitis spray wanted to precisely reach only people with colds.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    If you have a cold and are looking for help, statistically you will first visit Google. Data in Google Trends serve us as a system for the early detection of colds epidemics.

  2. Insigts

    Aggregated searches related to cold by voivodeship show live in which voivodeship the epidemic is beginning and in which voivodeship it does not yet exist.

  3. Strategy

    We created a script which examines the number of search phrases related to colds. It compared the current results with historical searches. Thanks to this, we knew where the epidemiological changes were taking place. Our advertisements were presented to people from the voivodeships where there was already an epidemic of colds. We did not use communication in voivodeships where the disease was not developing.

  4. Results

    CPC-cost decrease


    Costs per click were reduced by more than 70%.

    CTR increase

    We increased the click-through rate of ads by over 100%.


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What can we do for you

Searching for valuable consumer insights

We will analyse publicly available data on the searches of your consumers. We will use, among others, Google Trends, and the Consumer Barometer. We will examine behavioural patterns, and on their basis we will select the best moments to intensify advertising activities.

A precise SEM strategy

We will combine demographic and geographical data to create a purchase strategy for advertising in search engines. We will reach out to users with a precise message, maximally tailoring advertising to the place and time when they most need it.

Insights and optimisation

We will improve solutions according to the data from your campaigns. The purchase-learning model will maximise spending where it identifies the greatest purchasing potential for your consumers.

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