About us

About us

About us

Marketing does not have to be a guessing game

Today you do not have to make decisions based on assumptions. Data about your consumers is at your fingertips, for example in Google and Facebook tools. Now not only large global brands, but also medium-sized local businesses, can afford to make good, data-supported, decisions.

Data-driven, results-oriented

We know that one can drown in data. Our role is to collect, connect, and understand them. We do this in order to find valuable insights into your consumers and to create a coherent communication action plan and achieve above-average results. Hence the K2 Precise credo: data-driven, results-oriented.

One step ahead of everyone else

Our history is inextricably linked with the K2 agency, which was created in the proverbial garage in 1997, long before Google or Facebook offices appeared in Poland. Innovation and development are deeply rooted in our team’s DNA. Thanks to this, we attract the greatest talents from the market – the best specialists in strategy, data analysis, and precision marketing. We have many pioneering achievements in our portfolio.


to carry out a performance-marketing
campaign in Poland

to create our own affiliate network - System3

to introduce an original attribution model

to use a chat-bot in a consumer promotion

Recognised by the most-important awards

Certificates we have obtained

Where we belong

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