How can my e-commerce website data help me sell more?

Brand challenge

An online bookstore did not use the full potential of the data it had collected.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    We analysed the microconversions on the website of a web bookstore. Thanks to this, we learned how customers move around it. We got to know their behaviour.

  2. Insights

    We found a group of “fugitives” who did not complete their transactions. Depending on the moment of abandoning the basket, we ascribed them to a group with a high chance of returning to the store (they left the basket at a very-advanced stage) or with a low chance of returning (they left at the initial stage).

  3. Strategy

    We focused our communication on people with a high chance of returning to the store. The more activities on our website, the higher the rates we were prepared to pay. We sent them sponsored adwords links.

  4. Results

    Increase in number of transactions


    The number of transactions grew by 40%.

    Increase in sales revenues

    We increased our total sales revenues by 25%.


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What can we do for you

Site-traffic analysis

We will analyse the traffic in your site in terms of the budgeted targets.

The evaluation of users' potential

We will combine data from various sources – your CRM, website or media activities. We will identify user segments with high potential for your objective.

A precise SEM strategy

We will create a search-engine advertising-purchasing strategy for the more-promising segment of users. We will reach them with a precise message, maximally tailored advertising at the place and time when they need it. This way we won’t waste your budget.

Insights and optimisation

We will improve solutions according to the data from your campaigns. The purchase-learning model will maximise spending where it identifies the greatest purchasing potential for your consumers.

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