How to create an effective brand strategy in a new market?

Brand challenge

A Polish startup producing 3D printers wanted to increase the visibility of its brand in the USA. It needed support in building its brand.

Redakcja K2 Precise

  1. Data

    We conducted a comprehensive audit of the growth potential of the 3D-printer market in the USA. We analysed queries on the U.S. version of the Google search engine. We researched the popularity of the client’s brand on the U.S. market. We analysed the popularity of thewebsites of competing 3D-printer manufacturers in the USA. We analysed the technological media and ranked professional authors and influencers in the USA in terms of the possibility of publishing articles.

  2. Insights

    We discovered that there was plenty of room for improvement in the U.S. Google’s results. Only a few U.S. manufacturers have optimised their websites well. To our surprise, there was little valuable advice on 3D printers on U.S. Google. We discovered that American online PR sites have a very-large range and are readily used by publishers.

  3. Strategy

    We created over 30 substantive articles written by our technology specialists and technology influencers from the USA, with whom we have established cooperation. We created a FAQ section on the customer’s site with guidance content. We launched a PR site for the brand: we published articles and news for technology publishers in the USA. We supervised the implementation of SEO recommendations to the brand website.

  4. Results

    Re-publishing of texts


    Each of our articles has been republished by more than 200 news sites in the USA.

    Increase in organic traffic from Google

    Within 6 months organic traffic increased by 83%.


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What can we do for you


We will analyse the potential of your brand on the search engine in a given market. We will check how many enquiries in the local language there are and how your competitors are performing. We will test the potential of the local media to create valuable content for your brand.

Marketing-content strategy

We will create a list of essential content activities for your brand. We will also define a list of necessary SEO changes to the brand’s site on a given market. We will estimate the costs and outline the expected results.

The implementation of the marketing-content strategy

We will produce expert articles in the language of the market, and establish cooperation with local experts. We will ensure the publication of content in the media which will build the position of the brand. We will carry out essential changes to your brand’s website to optimise your ranking on search engines in a given market.

Monitoring and optimisation

We will measure the effect of changes and introduce the necessary improvements.

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