What needs changing on my brand’s website to generate more sign-ups?

Brand challenge

A large parenting site aimed to increase involvement of its users.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    We analysed the paths of users moving around the site. We checked how much time they spent, from where they left the site, and where they were active.

  2. Insights

    We found a user segment which was active on the site, but did not sign up on the site. Our analysis showed that these people were not exposed with information about the benefits signing up could bring.

  3. Strategy

    We created a dozen or so different contents and creations for the respective site-navigation paths. For those wishing to leave the site from certain fields, we displayed pop-ups with information about the benefits.

  4. Results

    The lowering of sign-up costs


    The cost of registration has been reduced by 7 times compared to the previous average cost of registration onto the database.

    New registrations

    Within 12 days we acquired in the database 81 new registrations of people who were about to leave the site.


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What can we do for you

Site-traffic analysis

We will analyse the traffic in your site in terms of the forecast targets. Insights from the analysis will allow us to optimise your site.

User-behaviour analysis

We will analyse your site using heatmaps, scrollmaps, and mousetracking. This way, we will detect whether and where the user encounters difficulties in using a particular field of your website.

Site automation

We will introduce solutions which will automatically facilitate the use of the site, or have a positive impact on thecarrying out of specific actions, e.g. signing up on the site.

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