How we work

How we work

In our work, we believe that the data itself is nothing if it is not supported by a human element and appropriate tools. Our approach is expressed by the equation: data x tool x specialist. If any of these elements does not work or works poorly, the result is low, as in multiplication.


We will be prepared for the first meeting with you. We will check the current performance of your brand and competitors in AdReal, we will diagnose your site with the help of SimilarWeb Pro. We will do the same for the competitors’ websites. We can also talk about your marketing in the search engine – thanks to Senuto and SEM Storm we have ideas about what can be improved in it.

Establishing cooperation

During the conversation, we will determine what your business goals are and what data that you have will be helpful for us in designing strategy. We will translate data insights into media, analytical, and optimization solutions. Our own tool – Precision Marketing Data Platform – will be helpful too. Thanks to it, before we offer a solution, we check its effectiveness in our media data base.


The staff of our specialists is watching over your project but we know that you want to keep your finger on the pulse. That’s why you will receive from us a dashboard presenting real-time results. Below example of a dashboard.

Measurement and next steps

We work with all market digital measurement tools, but we offer much more. We believe that the measurement is for continuous optimization, so we change the activities dynamically. As part of the attribution modeling, we can check the indirect impact on the sale of individual media channels. Internet users who visited your website from your campaign are just the beginning. We can segment them, enrich segments with data from other sources and use them in further activities to generate even more conversions. We also analyze a wider context: marketing mix modeling shows the impact of both media and non-media factors on the implementation of KPIs.

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