K2 Precise brings together humanist and scientific minds, visionaries, leaders, and organisers. We understand that the different perspectives which each of us have bring wealth and develop us. What unites us is curiosity about the world and fascination with the possibilities offered by the digital world. 

We are a Polish, independent, company. This freedom gives us energy, lack of complexities, and influence on where we are going. We are not afraid of challenges and are constantly learning. We strongly believe that this is the only way to do business today and to fulfil oneself professionally.

Rafał Ciszewski
Kasia Wiśniewska
Managing Director
Maciek Godlewski
Chief Growth Officer
Łukasz Plona
Innovation & Technology Director
Maja Biniewicz
Chief Business Officer
Monika Krawczyk
Chief Media Officer
Kuba Polakowski
Strategy Director
Cezary Glijer
Head of SEO
Damian Krawczyk
Web Analytics Director
Tomek Jaworski
Strategy & Multiscreen Director
Paweł Franke
Communication & Marketing Director
Maciek Bruzgo
Performance Director
Maciek Kowalczyk
Business & Trading Director
Bartek Popławski
Communications & Business Director

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