How can completely new opportunities be created for obtaining leads?

Brand challenge

A large insurer wanted to increase the effectiveness of its performance parameters.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    We audited the insurer’s leads from the most popular car insurance search engine in Poland – We looked at the website in order to make even better use of the potential of the users visiting it.

  2. Insights

    The effectiveness of was high, mainly due to the presence of the insurer’s advertisements. However, in the list of insurance proposals, the package was weak. We couldn’t do much about cheaper competitors.

  3. Strategy

    If hits are not higher, let’s create the opportunity to convert the lead earlier, before all the competitors. Together with we developed a special video format which had an added field for leaving the phone number and requesting contact during the spot. The 30-second spot appeared during the creation of the list of car-insurance policies, i.e. before any results appeared.

  4. Results

    Lead increase

    The solution increased the number of leads from the comparison engine by an additional 20%.


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What can we do for you

Analysis of current media activities

We will analyse your sales targets & marketing activities. We will juxtapose them with the possibilities and look for non-standard actions which will increase the visibility and involvement of users.

Recommendations for action

We will present non-standard solutions which can be used to increase sales. We will create a plan for their implementation, and estimate the expected results and costs of their implementation.

The implementation of non-standard solutions

We will implement new solutions and analyse the effect they have had.

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