How can I group my e-commerce clients to generate growth?

Brand challenge

The online bookstore has set very aggressive sales targets – to double revenues over the coming year. 

Redakcja K2 Precise

  1. Data

    We looked at the data in Google Analytics. We combined the expenditure data of SEM campaigns with sales data. Analysis revealed which of them bring higher returns and which are unprofitable. We also did a detailed analysis broken down into returning customers and new customers.

  2. Insights

    Previous campaigns were conducted without distinction between existing and new clients. This area had enormous potential to seek for efficiency.

  3. Strategy

    We have rebuilt and expanded Google Ads accounts. We used the powers of shopping campaigns, which reach people who look for products in the search engine much more effectively. We rebuilt the feed files, which allowed us to better manage the products range, respond faster to search trends and better use the insights in search campaigns. We did segmentation of users, not only clustered because of new and returning customers, but also because of shopping inclinations. This allowed us to differentiate rates and optimise the cost of reaching. We introduced a dashboard system in which we have been monitoring the fulfillment of sales targets and the effectiveness of individual campaigns on an ongoing basis.

  4. Results

    Increase in sales

    After 4 months from the introduction of our recommendations, we began to achieve 200% of the monthly goals.


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What can we do for you

Analysis of e-shop users

We will integrate the data on your consumers’ searches with your own data, such as: CRM database, Google Analytics, campaign’s data. We will look for statistically significant patterns of behaviour and clear consumer motivations. We will formulate the most important conclusions.

Segmentation of e-store users

We will segment users based on their behaviour on the site, the stage on the shopping path, other variables. We’ll isolate user segments with high potential due to your goal.

Precise marketing strategy

We will create a separate purchasing strategy for each segment. We reach them with a precise message, properly matched advertising at the time and place where they need it. Considering at the same time ROI optimisation.

Conclusions and optimisation

We will improve solutions according to the data from your campaigns. The purchase-learning model will maximise spending where it identifies the greatest purchasing potential for your consumers. The optimisation will let you save your budget. We will create a set of friendly dashboards with key information.

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