How can I increase the effectiveness of my mailing activities?

Brand challenge

A large chain of construction stores had to cope with the low effectiveness of their mailing.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    A customer had a database of hundreds of thousands of e-mail addresses. However, not all of them were active. We analysed historical opening and click-through-rate data for e-mails involving the store’s sales campaigns.

  2. Insights

    3 factors indicate the usefulness of e-mail addresses: the historical activity of the e-mail, its appearance, and the domain in which the address was located. Thanks to these conclusions we determined the probability of opening the message and clicking on the sent content.

  3. Strategy

    We reduced the e-mail address database by 34%, removing addresses with a very-low probability of clicking.

  4. Results



    We’ve received a 10x return on investment compared to previous campaigns.

    Increase in conversion


    We increased the conversion to 37% with the assumed 10%.

    Budget savings

    We saved 30% of the mailing budget.


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What can we do for you

An analysis of the database and processed shipments

We will analyse the historical results of e-mail-derived shipments and check how effective they were.

Email-database optimisation

Our model will evaluate what and to what extent testifies to the quality of your database records. Each record will receive a quality rating. The lowest-rated ones will be omitted in the next steps.

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