How can I precisely reach the segments of my target group on television?

Brand challenge

A company from the financial sector did not have a clearly defined target group for its advertising activities.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    An analysis of the activities carried out on television showed that the client’s campaigns reached a very-wide audience. Meanwhile, the groups of the recipients of its services involved 3 narrow segments – each demographically and psychographically different from the others.

  2. Insights

    By splitting the campaign and planning the presence of 3 creations addressed to 3 different segments independently, we were able to achieve better results for each of the segments. At the same time we kept the parameters of the whole campaign at the same level.

  3. Strategy

    For each of the 3 campaign spots we chose different stations, different emission times, and different intensities for the campaign. We divided the budget between the spots not proportionally (as previously), but by adjusting the audience and reach. During the campaign, we flexibly increased or decreased the intensity of the emission of each spot, depending on the achievement of the objectives.

  4. Results

    Improved campaign coverage


    We improved the reach of each of the 3 campaign spots by 1.5%.

    Improved campaign affinity


    We increased the share of people from the target group among all those who saw our spots. The affinity index of each of the three spots increased on average by 2%.


    We saved the client 80 thousand zlotys.


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What can we do for you

Audit of current media activities

We will analyse your media activities and the activities of competitors. We will estimate media budgets and the strength of the campaign. We will calculate SOV and SOS. We will go into details – you will see what creations your competitors use, in which channels they are active, how they plan their advertising budgets.

Target groups analysis

We will check and verify with you who your consumers are. We will analyse their media behaviour and the role of communication channels, depending on the targets of the campaign. We will verify the existing reach of channels and recommend changes (if necessary). We will look both at the whole group and its segments – maybe it will be justified to create new ones?

Media budgets optimisation

We will recommend the most-effective allocation of advertising budgets. At the macro level – recommendation of investment size, media split, distribution of activity over time; at the tactical level – the optimisation of station split, share of copies, share of dayparts, spot positioning, and the power of reaching consumer sub-segments.

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