How can I quickly improve the effectiveness of my website?

Brand challenge

A large parenting site was struggling with low user-registration effectiveness.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    We collected a set of data on the traffic on the site, which was associated with key user activities such as registration onto the database. We studied the navigation for reaching users to the key fields of the site.

  2. Insights

    After analysing the data, we found breaks in the paths leading to sign-up. One of the key points of interrupting the path was a pop-up encouraging registration.

  3. Strategy

    We conducted a number of A/B tests using a Visual Website Optimiser. Among other things, we have implemented changes to the creation and content of the pop-up in line with the results of the tests, in order to better emphasise the sign-up incentive.

  4. Results

    Increase in conversion

    Thanks to the A/B tests we improved conversion by 19% within 6 months.


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What can we do for you

Site-traffic analysis

We analyse the traffic on your site in terms of the forecast targets. Conclusions from the analysis allow us to optimise the site.

User-behaviour analysis

We analyse your site using heatmaps, scrollmaps and mousetracking. This way, we will detect whether and where the user encounters difficulties in using a particular field of your website.

A/B tests

We prepare and carry out tests to improve the conversion factor. The test is implemented with the help of an external tool and does not require any changes in the code of the website, so you do not have to worry about the approval of your head office.

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