How can online campaign data improve my offline activities?

Brand challenge

A large insurer generated quality leads, but these did not translate into sales.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    We analysed the insurer’s sales reports. It turned out that most of the collected leads had a very-low accessibility through the call centre. This surprised us, especially since the delivered leads were of very good quality. We examined the call-centre processes in detail, listened through the calls, and started participating in weekly team-status meetings.

  2. Insights

    We found many errors in the lead-validation and operation process – e.g. calling from an unknown ID, poorly selected times, and low frequency of contact. These had a significant impact on the ability to reach potential customers.

  3. Strategy

    We asked the Call centre to call from a known ID, to increase the number of call attempts, and to spread this over time. We improved the process of marking leads in the system by consultants.

  4. Results

    Greater lead validation

    Thanks to our activities, we improved the insurer’s Call centre and increased lead validation by 17%.


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What can we do for you

Sales-process analysis

We will analyse your sales processes based on available online and offline data, purchasing paths, and interviews with key participants. We will map strong and weak points.

Recommendations for improvement

We will present a list of improvements for increasing sales effectiveness: sales automating solutions, precise marketing activities aimed at generating sales, and mechanisms for monitoring and limiting ineffective actions. We will estimate the effects and costs of the introduced changes.


We will implement the recommended improvements and train the people involved in the sales process. We will guide you through the changes.

Testing and optimisation

We will test the sales processes and check the effectiveness of the introduced changes. We will introduce the necessary optimisations. We will set up a real-time sales monitoring solution.

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