What can I change in my e-shop to improve user experience and build sales?

Brand challenge

A large retail chain wanted to check the effectiveness of our UX modifications of their e-store.

Redakcja K2 Precise

  1. Data

    We conducted UX analysis using heatmaps, mousetracking and recordings using the Hotjar tool and data from Google Analytics. We examined the actual interactions within the elements that have changed.

  2. Insights

    Increasing the visibility of the internal search engine on the home page improved its use by 19%. Changing the appearance of product tiles in listings increased traffic to product pages by 30%. Hotjara data confirmed – users are eager to use product category filters. Product lists work better when they are placed higher on the page, and the product description directly on its card. In addition, shortening product pages resulted in more users reaching similar product sections, which in turn increased the traffic to other product pages by 30%.

  3. Next steps

    We recommended an even stronger exposure of the internal search engine, reducing the banner on the rotator that occupied the first screen. We also recommend testing a different order of tiles in the navigation and changing the names of 3 categories that were not explicit, increasing the visibility of the store selection panel and explaining the benefits of using it. In addition, we recommend conducting A / B tests for personalised opportunity lists.

  4. Results

    Increase in session quality


    Session time increased by 15%. In addition, the bounce rate dropped from 45% to 41%

    Page speed time


    Page loading time decreased by 33%.

    Increase in sales

    Revenues increased by 28%, sales conversion increased by 45%.


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What can we do for you

Analysis of shopping paths on the website

We will examine the areas of the website that users navigate during the purchasing process. We will select problematic points on the shopping path. We will recommend changes of the website.

Analysis of user behaviour

With the help of heatmaps, scrollmaps and mousetracking we will check user behaviour on key pages, e.g. product page, product listing page, checkout pages. We will isolate elements that can be enhanced to improve the product purchase process.

Analysis of the purchase form

We will analyse the purchase form. We will check which fields cause problems for users. We will propose changes that will increase the conversion of sales.

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