What content should be created on my website in order to build a clear growth in the number of users?

Brand challenge

The editorial staff of a large parenting site created articles, but lacked a precise analysis of readers’ needs and the strategy of the created content. This was reflected in poor Google ranking position.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    We collected data on Internet content of interest to parents of young children. We analysed Google search queries, seasonality of topics, coverage of potential by competitive parenting sites. We checked how the articles of the client’s site are optimised for Google Direct Answers and mobile devices.

  2. Insights

    Among the topics that parents are interested in there is a lot of regular issues. There is also a group of topics appearing seasonally or even overnight. The potential of the latter is not used neither by the client’s site nor by competitive parenting services. We also discovered space to improve the rank in search results by adapting texts to mobile devices and Google Direct Answers.

  3. Strategy

    We conducted a comprehensive SEO training for the editorial office. We met with the editorial staff at a training workshop. We presented them with topics whose popularity is growing. We created a publication plan for the next 2 weeks. We introduced changes recommended by us in the SEO audit.

  4. Results

    Increase in mobile traffic


    We increased mobile organic traffic by 80% compared to the previous year.

    Recognised parenting site


    Thanks to our activities, the portal has become #1 among parenting services in Google.

    Increase in the number of mobile users

    We increased the number of mobile users from organic traffic by 85% compared to the previous year.


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What can we do for you

Internal audit

We will analyse the knowledge, experience and awareness of your editorial office in the context of creating content in accordance with current SEO rules.

External audit

We will check how your competitors run their sites and what SEO activities are active. We will estimate the potential for improving the rank of your website in search engines.

Workshops for your team

We will conduct a workshop or cycle of workshops where we will provide practical SEO tips for the content of your site. We will check how trends change and update our recommendations accordingly.

Monitoring and improvement

We will measure how traffic and time spent in your site changes. We will assess which editorial activities have a positive impact and which require further improvement. We will guide you through the change.

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