What key words will give my business not only leads, but also sales?

Brand challenge

An insurance company gained many leads, but many of them did not end with a transaction.

Kasia Szmidt

  1. Data

    We combined traffic data on the insurer’s website (Google Analytics) with data on offline sales of the insurer’s agents.

  2. Insights

    Thanks to data integration, we saw that not all the key phrases of the SEM (Search-Engine Marketing) campaigns which led to online enquiries led to offline sales at the same time.

  3. Strategy

    We focused on key phrases which generate sales and found ones similar to them. We increased the budget and CPC rates for the selected phrases.

  4. Results

    Increase in conversion

    Thanks to our SEM campaign, we increased conversion from 24% to 57%.


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What can we do for you

Data integration

We will make an overview of the data you have at your disposal, e.g. from your CRM, the WWW, other systems. We will connect them in one place – in the DMP (Data-Management Platform).

Searching for valuable insights

We will analyse integrated data in terms of your consumers’ behavioural patterns. We look for clear consumer motivations. We formulate the most-important insights.


We will identify the consumer segments most valuable in terms of your objectives and the strategy to achieve the set objectives. We will make a forecast of the results and compare it with the budgeted costs.

The implementation of precise marketing activities

We will implement the selected media-spending strategy in an automatic and smart model (machine learning, AI). We will process hundreds of thousands of informational records per day in order to adjust your advertisements, content, and rates of your SEM campaign to the market conditions – in real time and fully automatically.

Insights and optimisation

We will improve solutions according to the data from your campaigns. The purchase-learning model will maximise spending where it identifies the greatest purchasing potential for your consumers.

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