Which SEO activities increase sales in my e-commerce?

Brand challange

A large retail chain has set an ambitious goal for us – increase the organic traffic of its e-commerce by 13.5% on a quarterly basis.

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  1. Data

    We performed a comprehensive audit, in which we checked the visibility of the website in Google organic results, analysed the content, checked the profiles of links leading to the website and the speed of loading pages.

  2. Insights

    The website audit showed major deficiencies vs competition in product content. The website contained structure errors, duplicate content and low-value pages for Google’s crawlers. Data analysis showed unattractive and not very meaningful titles and product descriptions, also those which contained errors in structural data. As a result, these products showed low in Google results.

  3. Strategy

    We rearranged the structure of the H1-H6 headers of the website. We took care of a clearer data structure of given products, thanks to which we gained much more attractive business cards in search results. We removed unnecessary transition pages. Those  with low key phrase potential we excluded from indexing. In addition, we’ve properly set up files and tags that communicate with Google robots. This positively influenced page indexing. We’ve rewritten the title and description tag of key pages. We carried out SEO optimisation of existing articles on the store’s blog.

  4. Effects

    Increase in organic traffic


    Store’s organic traffic increased by 25% after 6 months.

    Increase in the number of transactions


    The number of organic store transactions increased by 57%.

    Increase in revenues

    Store revenues from organic traffic increased by 63%.


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What can we do for you

Technical analysis of the website

We will perform an SEO audit. You will learn from it what problems and errors are on your site and how we recommend eliminating them. We’ll show you the expected time, investments and expected results.

Content analysis

We will compare the content on your website with the content of your competition. We will point out the shortcomings. We will propose topics and key phrases that should appear.

Content development and optimisation

We will optimise the texts and write new articles. We will prepare new, highly clickable title and description tags. We will make pages from your website appear high in organic results.

Optimisation of indexing budget

We’ll introduce crawl budget optimisation guidelines for your site. The crawl budget has a direct impact on Google ranking, especially for large sites like e-commerce.

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