The K2 Group has been providing comprehensive support to e-commerce brands for over 10 years. Take advantage of the most advanced solutions we create for our customers and enjoy the growing revenues of your e-business.

We are here to help you create a strategy for your e-commerce, whether it is your shop or shelves of your products on external platforms, in Poland or abroad. We will develop effective communication and build the brand of your e-shop.

We will design your e-shop to be functional, visually tailored to your customers’ preferences and fully optimised for the Google search engine.

Our experts will design and implement shelves for your products on external e-commerce platforms.

We will select the right technological solution for your project that is easy to manage, functional and stable. Forget about the struggle and IT problems.

You will receive full support in migrating your IT resources to the cloud environment. Thanks to the right configuration and cloud optimisation, you gain cost savings, a stable and scalable environment and independence from the hardware infrastructure.

We will build a SEO strategy for your e-shop based on the conducted audit. The website structure will be optimised, we will create appropriate content and build valuable links. This way you will quickly gain valuable organic traffic from Google.

Thanks to optimally selected precision marketing solutions such as: programmatic, SEM, paid social, affiliate marketing, performance display and e-mail marketing, we will bring valuable traffic to your e-shop.

Offline media will quickly build brand awareness of your e-commerce. We will create a plan of TV spots and activities in other media, tailored to your shop's character. We will buy them for you on attractive terms. We will ensure that online activities are fully integrated with offline activities.

Thanks to web analytics solutions we will conduct an audit of your e-commerce and create a list of specific actions to prevent the outflow of users from your e-shop. Our experts will support you in the implementation of anti-churn solutions.

The users of your e-shop will be segmented by our company and then we will create a scenario of multi-stage communication with each of the segments. Thanks to this we will significantly increase the chances of converting visits to the site into finalised shopping baskets. We cooperate with suppliers of the most advanced market solutions: Synerise and Exponea.

Knowledge about the users’ behaviour in your e-shop is invaluable. We will take care of the correct connection of diagnostic tools and build a set of friendly dashboards, thanks to which you will have current insight into the most important information for you. Our company will optimise the traffic of your customers due to: a moment on the shopping path, frequency of visits, involvement in the content and customer value for your e-commerce (RFM optimisation).



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